The IEKit demo app is a demonstration of how the IEKit framework can be used to build Impact Evaluators, which are autonomous applications that enable a decentralized organization to incentivize and reward contributors for completing specific actions that contribute to a specific objective.


Each Impact Evaluator has an objective that is set by its DAO. In the case of the demo app, the objective is to get the Autonolas Twitter account to 10,000 followers.

Automated Actions

To achieve the objective, contributors are rewarded with a certain number of points for completing pre-defined, automated actions. The Impact Evaluator’s DAO can configure the number of points that are rewarded to incentivize contributors to complete specific actions.


Because action automations are handled by Autonolas, they are composable. This means that as other developers create components, you can use them and vice versa. This enables the DAO to add more actions to the backend or shape entirely different behaviors on other platforms, such as watching for people promoting the Twitter account on Orbis or web2 platforms.

Reward System

The Autonolas-powered backend of the IEKit demo app watches for actions to be completed, automatically rewarding contributors with contribution points. These points are stored on a Ceramic stream. Over time, IEKit could be extended to transition leaderboard points to on-chain token payouts or to airdrop rewards to early points holders.

Using the Demo App

To use the demo app, contributors must follow the Autonolas Twitter account and @-mention it on Twitter. Each @-mention earns the contributor 300 points, which are automatically added to their contribution point balance.
The DAO behind the demo app could decide to add more Twitter actions, increase the number of points, or shape entirely different behaviors on other platforms to push towards the objective of getting the Autonolas Twitter account to 10,000 followers.